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Wanna know some random crap about me? Here you go lol

- Name: Chantel / Shiiazu / Shiian(Shii)

- Single or taken: Taken by SinfulBases/Sinamuna~ <3

- Sex: Female

- Birthday: April 21st

- Sign: Taurus

- Hair color: Black

- Eye color: Daaaark brown

- Height: 5'9

- Are you straight/bisexual/gay?: 99.9% sure I'm a lesbian
I'd just like to say I'm sorry for the severe lack of bases lately. I'm not quitting just on a extended break

I'm still just not feeling in the mood to make them and my time has been cut real short to be doing any art related things seeing as I am in school from 9am-4pm Monday-Thursday and when I am free I'd rather just do my own personal art on my main account, Shiiazu if not just sleep and talk with my girlfriend and other friends

Anyway yeah. Still here, just not actively making bases. I'll get there hopefully sometime soon

Also just so you know I may not favorite every base use anymore but I do see them all. So thank you all for using them ^^


This journal was NOT made to attack people on how they do the tails
I'm trying to HELP you make them look better and not like it's a plug

I've been seeing this a lot of this on this base

MLP Base 321 by ShiiBases

The tail almost always on dolls I see from this base has the tail looking like it's coming out of the OCs butt.
The placement it would be is here:

Example of what I mean